Java SE Development Kit

Java SE Development Kit 15.0

Provides all the necessary libraries, classes, and files for Java developers
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Includes support for latest Java standards and makes development much easier using the built-in database. It also supports debugging and monitoring for Java apps.

Currently, many programs and most of the popular internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others) work with Java technology. It is indispensable for all those lovers of the internet, instant messaging and video games.

Java Runtime Environment version 6 update 11 installs Java Virtual Machine, a platform that works with files .Class, and in that way it provides the environment required to run Java applications. These applications that use the Java programming language and access from your browser are called “applets”.

In the Java (TM) version 6 Update 11, the developer patches 14 vulnerabilities detected in previous versions, some of which are:
- In instant messaging, a candidate window was not shown until the window is deactivated and reactivated again.
- Camerfirma root certificates are added to Java Development Kit.
- The UTF-8 charset implementation has also been updated to handle the non-shortest forms of UTF-8 byte sequences, which caused incompatibilities with previous versions.

In other words, the main reason to install this update is the improvement of security of the software and the correction of the security vulnerabilities. For the users of Mac it is very important to verify these types of updates on Apple's website, because Apple maintains this product in Mac OS on their own.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Easy to install
  • Require to run Java Applications
  • Supported in many software and internet web browsers


  • Mac users are required to verify updates of this application at Apple's website
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